Backer (Debacker), Joseph Ghislain de 10.oct.1909-28.jun.1961 Belgium, Charleroi Gilly - Dampremy
pianist, organist, professor of music, organist of St Martin in Marcinelle, 1928-1961 in Dampremy and at the college du Sacre-Coeur de Charleroi, founder/director of two groups of actors-singers, composer of songs and operettas ; son of Nestor ; brother of Emile II

Title Parts

[] Messe en La bemol majeur et Re bemol majeur - Noel. Choir and organ. 1944
[] Messe no2 en Fa majeur - Noel. Choir and organ. 1954
[] Messe no3 en Fa majeur. Choir
[] En Chantant. Piano
[] Nicolette. Piano
[] Plein d'entrain. Piano
[] Soyons gais. Piano
[] Tout joyeux. Piano
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