Baird, Edith Mary Hall 10.jan.1893-7.jul.1966 England Berkshire, Reading - Sussex, Brighton Hove
not identified as composer, her father died when she was 7 years old and she was raised in children's homes (where she probably received some education in music), 1915-14.may.1919 during WWI she served as Red Cross and Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurse in Reading, France and Belgium ; daughter-in-law of song composer Herbert Theodore Baird ; 29.may.1919 in Brighton she married chauffeur Hubert James Baird (Monmoutshire, Newport 28.jun.1896-2.may.1961 Brighton) ; son Hubert Charles (Brighton 27.aug.1919-), son James William (Brighton 16.jan.1921-), son Douglas Jack (Brighton 18.oct.1922-)

Title Parts

[] Two short songs
copyright words and music Edith Baird (of England) 2jun1922
[rem: not identified as Edith Mary Baird (1893-1966)]
pub Wilford Ltd., London 19jun1922
[] 1 - My happy day
[] 2 - Keep on trying
[] Treatment. Vocal fox-trot
copyright words and music Edith M. Baird (of England) 23dec1922
[rem: not identified as Edith Mary Baird (1893-1966)]
pub Wilford Ltd., London 27feb1923

[rem: a sheet music print of this song with a publication year 1943 is in the The British Library St Pancras London : is the year 1943 a printing error or was this song indeed republished in 1943 during World War II because the subject became topical again ?. Assuming the topic of the song is "treatment" of wounded soldiers]

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