Baldenecker, Johann Baptist jr. 23.aug.1791-25.jun.1855 Germany, Mainz - Frankfurt am Main
pianist, teacher, studied music with Blenkner and Aloys Schmitt, 1807 established himself in Frankfurt am Main, 1827 he founded a piano teaching school Privatinstitut after the systems of Logier and Stoepel, he often performed with his students with twelve to sixteen pianos at once, later he went into business ; 1822 in Wallau he married Emilie Gayl ; sons composers Conrad II and Aloys

[Fetis 1860 gives his name erroneously as Johann Bernhard Baldenecker]

Title Parts

[] Theme varie. Piano. op7
pub Hoffmann und Dunst, Zeil Litera D no204 Frankfurt am Main
attributed to J. B. Baldenecker l'aine by Fetis, but on a publication by J. D. Hoffmann attributed to J. B. Baldenecker le jeune, proprietaire de l'Institut Musical a Francfort sur Mein

[] Grande sonate. Piano and violin. op7
pub Andre, Offenbach

[] 2 Sonates. Piano 4-hands. op9
pub Andre, Offenbach

[] Sonata in f. Piano. op10
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