Ballini, ? ??-f1815 Italy, ? - ?, ?

Title Parts

Ballini's rondo in C. Flute, fife and violin
in The Gentleman's Amusement Book 2
pub Thomas Balls, Norfolk Connecticut 1815
ms Yale University New Haven Connecticut
included as "Ballini's rondo in C" in Complete Preceptor for the Clarinet by Johann Christian Gottlieb Graupner. Boston 1826

[rem: this rondo that became very popupar in the USA cannot be by a composer who further remained totally unknown. Ballini should certainly read Bellini, and may be by Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835) who started composing at the age of 6, or by his father Rosario Bellini (1776-1840), or his grandfather Vincenzo Tobia Bellini (1744-1829)]

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