Ballmann (Ballman), Martin 13.sep.1863-11.jun.1931 Germany, Dortmund - USA Illinois, Chicago
flutist, bandmaster, conductor, studied music in Dortmund, Hamburg and Celle Germany and Vienna Austria, from the age of 9 played flute and other instruments in various bands in Germany, served military term as musician in the 2nd Infanterie Regiment No.77 Band in Hanover, first flutist in the Julius Laube Orchestra, 1890 came to the USA as flutist of the Eduard Strauss Orchestra, 1891-1907 flutist in the Theodore Thomas Orchestra in Chicago, 1907-1925 founder/conductor of the Ballmann's Band and Ballmann's Orchestra playing seasons at Riverview Park and Bismarck Gardens, founder/director of the Ballmann's Orchestral School, conductor of the Chicago Sextette Club and the Medinah Shrine Military Band, 1916-1930 home and studio 1257 Foster Avenue in Chicago, 1926 he advertized with 'most popular musical organization of America, programs by large or small band or orchestra when and as wanted, large musical library', member of the Zirkel Society of German Masons, Deutscher Kreiger Verein, Verein Deutscher Musiker von Chicago, Urgemuethlichkeit, Chicago Skat, Round Table etc. ; 24.apr.1893 in Philadelphia he married Anna Christine Ritter (Germany 25.jan.1874-2.jul.1954 Philadelphia), they had no children

Title Parts

[] No beer, no work!, a humorous song. Voice and piano
words Theodore Phillipp
copyright Martin Ballmann, Chicago 7apr 1919

[] No beer, no work!
words Theodore Philipp and Anna Ballmann
copyright Martin Ballmann, Chicago 22may1919
? new copyright to credit Anna Ballmann or because of another version of the song

[] I've got the finest man. Song
music James Reese Europe
lyrics Henry S. Creamer
performer Martin Ballmann as flutist or bandleader of the 369th U.S. Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band
pub Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Co., New York 1912

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