Baptista (Bautista), Francisco f1620-f1660 Portugal, Campo Maior - ?, ?
choirmaster, agostinho (Augustinian monk), studied at Faculdade de Musica do grande mestre Antonio Pinheiro, he was member of the order of Eremitas de Santo Agostinho, choirmaster of the augustinian Convento de Cordova in Cordoba Spain

Title Parts

[] All compositions from the Bibliotheca Real da Musica of king Joao IV were lost in the Lisbon earthquake 1nov1755
in an index of Livraria Real da Musica, published by Pedro Craesbeck in Lisbon 1649 are mentioned 10 villancicos for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 voices for the mayor part "para as festas do Natal" composed by Francisco Baptista

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