Barbacci, Rodolfo 28.feb.1911-14.mar.2007 Argentina, Buenos Aires - Peru, Lima
harpist, pianist, musicologist, studied cello, harmony and composition with Ettore Pozzoli in Milan Italy, studied harp with Augusto Sebastiani and Cayetano Troiani in Buenos Aires, 1937 he founded the journal Revista Musical Argentina in Buenos Aires, 1939 harpist of Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional in Lima Peru, taught piano, music theory, Peruvian music history and harp both privately and at Academia Nacional Alcedo in Lima, 1939 founder of the journal Revista Musical Peruana, 1941 he was forced to discontinue the publication after criticized persons and organizations petitioned the authorities

Title Parts

[] Toccata. Piano. op20
published in Revista Musical Argentina, Buenos Aires 1937

[] Gimnasia para pianistas. Ejercicios mudos, sin instrumento, y masaje. Piano study. Lima 1943
[] Piano sonata
[] Fugues, sonatas, fantasias, variations, suites, other compositions for the harp, piano, voice and chamber ensembles
mentioned by Ficher/Schleifer/Furman 2002 but none seems to have been published

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