Barbetta (Barbetti), Giulio Cesare 'padoano' c1540-a1603[30.oct.1623] Italy, ?Padua - ?Padua
lutenist, organist, 1569-1585 according to his dedications he was in service of several german courts but also dedicated to several german members of the nobility who studied at Padua University, the archives in Padua contain an entry of a Giulio Barbetta died 30.oct.1623

Title Parts

[] Fantasia. Lute
from Il primo libro dell intavolatura de liuto. pub Venice 1569
Jacob Lindberg. BIS 599

[] Intavolatura di liuto delle canzonette. Voice and lute
pub Giacomo Vincenti, Venice 1603
2006-03-25 10:53:06