Barclay (Barclai), Ludwig (Barclaius, Ludovicus) 1638-8.apr.1687 Germany, Rostock - Rostock
pastor, deacon, ?composer, 1649 matriculated at the University of Rostock, pastor of St Marien in Rostock, descendant of the schottish poet John Barclay (1582-1621)

Title Parts

[] Trauer-schrifft auff das wie wol fruhzeitige doch recht selige absterben Friedrich Lerkowen, jungstes sohnchen, als dasselbe den 6. Mai des 1660. Jahres selig verschieden
pub Rostock 1660

[] Klagstimm uber den tod Henricus Muller. Rostock 13sep1675
Heinrich Muller (1631-1675) Pastor and Prof. Theology in Rostock
pub Riechel Rostock 1675
in catalogue of Stargard, listed by Eitner as Totengezang (prayer set to music)

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