Barford, Thomas 27.jun.1789-2.nov.1857 England, London Marylebone - Manchester Bolton
16.aug.1789 baptized at St Marylebone, 1820-1822 musician and music master in Bolton, 1824 music and instrument dealer at 5 Church Gate in Bolton, 1840 as musician residing at 8 Weston Street in Bolton, 1850 as professor of music alone at shop or business 22 Garside Street in Bolton while the family still resided at 8 Weston Street, 6.nov.1857 buried at Tonge Cemetery in Bolton ; son of composer Morris Barford ; he married Frances (1797-3.sep.1864 Bolton) ; daughter Hannah Maria (Bolton 10.sep.1820-), son Thomas Frederick (Bolton 1.sep.1822-) and 5 more

Title Parts

[] The minstrel to his harp, a ballad. Voice and piano or harp
dedication: by permission most respectfully dedicated to Miss Mary Anne Cross
written by Miss F. D. Browne
pub Miss F. D. Browne, Manchester 1815
pub J. Pigot, Manchester 1819

[] The Southport march and waltz, for the pianoforte
dedication: respectfully dedicated to Miss M. Norris
pub Preston, London 1823

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