Barizel, Dominique Charles Joseph 3.jan.1788-25.may.1850 France Nord, Merville near Hazebrouck - Merville
bassoonist, military bandmaster, studied bassoon at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1807 1er prix bassoon, 1806 entered a regiment as soldier musician and soon became bandmaster of another corps, 1808 he took part in the Spanish campaign, taken prisoner in the Cabrera case he was transported on English pontoons and had to suffer all torture, returning to France after three years of captivity he became bandmaster of a regiment of the young imperial guard, 1812 took part in the invasion of Russia and 1813 in the Saxon campaign, 1814 in all the great affairs of France, 1815 returned to civilian life, 1815 first bassoon of the Paris Opera and bandmaster of the 2me legion de la Garde nationale de Paris, principal bassoon of the King's Chapel under the Restoration, 1831 entered the music of Louis-Philippe, 1839-1848 teacher bassoon at the Conservatoire de Paris, 19.feb.1839 decorated Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, when his health failed he returned to Merville but did not recover

Title Parts

[] Morceaux de concours. Competition pieces for the Paris Conservatoire 1841-1846 [] Concerto. 1841
[] Concerto. 1842. composed with Philippe Berr
[] Concerto. 1843
[] Concerto. 1844
[] Concerto in g. 1845. composed with Philippe Berr
[] Concertino. 1846. composed with Philippe Berr
[] Solo de basson
in Album d'autographes de musique collectionne de 1835 a 1869 par Dantan jeune, statuaire et legue par lui a la Bibliotheque imperiale

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