Barnard, John c1591-f1641 England, ? - ?, ?
the year of birth is based on the assumption that he was the lay clerk at Canterbury Cathedral who married 1619 at about 28 years of age, 1641 canon at St Paul in London, music editor and publisher in London

Title Parts

Responses. Prompter and choir
Chelmsford Cathedral / Peter Nardone

from the mss of John Barnard's own publication:
The first book of selected church musick, consisting of services and anthems, such as are now used in the cathedrall, and collegiat churches of this kingdome. Never before printed. Whereby such bookes as were heretofore with much difficulty and charges, transcribed for the use of the quire, are now, to the saving of much labour and expence, publisht for the generall good of all such as shall desire them... Collected out of divers approved authors, by John Barnard, one of the minor canons of the cathedrall church of Saint Paul
printed by Edward Griffin. London 1641

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