Barraja, Enrico 24.oct.1884-1.dec.1979 Italy, Naples - USA NY, New York Jackson Heights
pianist, singing teacher, 1908 MM from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Naples, studied piano with Alfonso Raimondi, harmony and counterpoint with Paolo Serrao, composition and orchestration with Camillo de Nardis, voice with Filippo Campanella, 1908 debuted at the Bellini Opera in Naples, 1909-1911 conductor at the Bellini Opera, 1910-1911 taught at the Raimondi School of Pianoforte and the Campanella School of Vocal Arts in Naples, 1911 American debut as pianist at the Women's Club in Quincy Massachusetts, 1911-1917 teacher voice and choral conductor in Boston residing at 23 Dalton Street, 1912 residing at the home of his brother Joseph F Frauenfelder (6.may.1881-1966) at 1419 Hancock Quincy, 1917-1953 opened a voice studio at 708 Carnegie Hall New York and residing at 352 78th Street, Jackson Heights New York, 25.apr.1924 naturalized American ; son of Nicolo Barraja (1917 residing in Vomero, Prato Italy) and Maria Luisa Frauenfelder (Italy 1858-a1930 Jackson Heights)

Title Parts

[] Thou art beloved. 1914
words R. Mazzola, english translation by A. Mattullath

[] Too young for love. Song. op41/1
words Oliver Wendell Homes
dedicated to and sung by Mme. Carolina White
publisher Carl Fischer, New York 1917

[] Forebodings. 19feb1924
music Enrico Barraja, of Italy, domiciled at Brooklyn NY
words Adele Chester Deming

[] The magic touch. 11mar1924
music Enrico Barraja, of Italy, domiciled at Brooklyn
words Adele Chester Deming

[] Pipe dreams. Dramatic ballad. Low male voice. 16nov1926
words by Nancy Fullwood
music by Enrico Barraja, Jackson Heights NY

[] The land where dreams are made. 16nov1926
words by Nancy Fullwood
music by Enrico Barraja, Jackson Heights NY

[] It is May. SSA Choir
words Lourine Kummer
pub M. Witmark & Sons 3jan1933

[] 'Tis only you. Song (no.2 in D)
words Elsie V. Hughes
pub Boosey & Hawkes Co., New York 12sep1934

[] Hallelujah. Introduction and fugue on a theme of Cherubini. Mixed choir. 24aug1939
[] Little gift of God. Christmas lullaby. Mixed voices and organ
words Mary C. Hartnett
pub McLaughlin & Reilly Co., Boston 25nov1941

[] For a' that and a' that
words Robert Burns
Schubert Club, Schenectady 1945 (presented to the club by the brother of the composer, Mr. J. Barraja-Frauenfelder

[] Seasons of God. 1947
[] Tarantella. Song
Icelandic Singers / Sigurdur Thordarson. LP Monitor Records New York MP585

[] Ave Maria. 6-part chorus, strings, harp and organ
[] Funeral march. Orchestra
[] Suite. String orchestra
[] Suite. Chamber orchestra
[] Mass no3
[] Yole. Grand opera in 3 acts
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