Barreno Cobo, Rodrigo Sabino 16.jun.1912-16.mar.1994 Ecuador, Riobamba - Quito
trumpeter, age 6 he played in the band of his father, studied at Conservatorio Nacional de Quito, 1927 trumpeter in the band of Regimiento no.2 de Sucre, 1927-1947 trumpeter in orchestras in Quito and Guayaquil, 1947 he formed an ensemble that played popular music, 1970 became member of Banda Municipal de Quito

Title Parts

[] Amanecer quimiano. Albazo
[] Chimbacalle. Pasacalle
[] Eres mi encanto. Pasacalle
[] Fabian el 11 del Nacional. Pasacalle
[] Olguita. Pasacalle
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