Bartholomeus, Jean Marie Theophile 17.nov.1872-f1932 Netherlands, Maastricht - ?Belgium, Brussel
organist, choirmaster, 21.sep.1883 entered as student at the Jezuietencollege in Sittard, 16.sep.1884 returned to Maastricht, then lived for some time at Volkstraat 7 in Vise Belgium near Maastricht, 1896 studied at the Royal Conservatory in Liege where he won 1st prizes in organ and harmony and December 1896 a 2nd prize for fugue, 1894-1898 choirmaster of Sint Servaas in Maastricht, 17.may.1899 settled in Brussel where he still lived in 1932 no longer active as musician ; son of Alphonse

Title Parts

[] Missa in honorem Sancti Servatii, ad quatuor voces aequales organo comitante. TTBB Choir and organ. op3
music Th. Bartholomeus
dedication: Opgedragen aan L. van den Heuvel
pub Schwann, Dusseldorf 1898

[] Te Deum. 1898
composed on the occasion of the coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands 6sep1898
performed by the choir of Sint Servaas and the Maastricht Symfonie Orkest in September 1898

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