Batchelder, Alice Emma Coleman (fem) 27.jul.1873-17.jun.1948 USA Nebraska, Beatrice - California, Los Angeles
pianist, organist, teacher, studied for 10 years with Benjamin Johnson Lang in Boston, with Edgar Stillman Kelly in Berlin, with Harold Bauer in Paris and with Karl Leimer in Los Angeles, she was teacher piano in Boston and Providence, 1902 with pianist Blanche Rogers Lott promotor of chamber music in Los Angeles, 1904 she founded the Coleman Chamber Music Association in Pasadena, 1904 she opened the Coleman Chamber Concerts at Elks Lodge Raymond Avenue corner Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, 1905-1948 promotor of the Coleman Chamber Concerts, 1924 held at the California Institute of Technology Auditorium, 1926 at Pasadena Community Playhouse, 1919-1948 music teacher at her home 626 Arroyo Drive Pasadena, 1947 she started the Coleman Chamber Music Competition ; daughter of Theodore Jesse Coleman (NY, Rochester 26.jan.1842-17.oct.1933 Pasadena) and Jane 'Jennie' Coleman Coleman (NY, Rochester 19.jun.1845-21.dec.1928) who were first cousins ; 30.jul.1912 she married art tile maker Ernest Allen Batchelder (NH, Nashua 22.jan.1875-6.aug.1957 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] (details unkown). compositions in ms, 1 song published
[] Sunbeams kiss the flowers
music by Coleman - ? Alice Coleman
publisher Oliver Ditson Co., Boston before 1905

[] I'm lonesome little sunbeam
words by A. Coleman
music by E. S. S. Huntington
copyright Alice Coleman, Stringtown, Oklahoma 18may1921
this is unlikely Alice Coleman Batchelder

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