Batyuk, Porfiry Kirilovich 28.feb/11.mar.1884-19.apr.1973 Ukraine Poltava, Zenkov - Kiev
1912 graduated from the music school of the Court Chapel in St Petersburg, 1913-1920 singing teacher at the gymnasium in Zenkov, 1926-1933 teacher of music theory and singing at the Pedagogical College in Kharkiv, 1933-1941 conductor of the choir of the Architecture College in Kharkov, 1946-1948 teacher at the Choir School in Kiev

Title Parts

[] Song of the Soviet marshals. Cantata. 1945
[] Hail, mighty Russia. Cantata. 1947
on the 800 anniversary of Moscow

[] Hail Soviet people. Cantata.1950
[] We sing the glory of Lenin. Cantata. 1966
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