Bauer, Emilie Frances (pseu:Francisco di Nogero) (fem) 5.mar.1865-9.mar.1926 USA Washington, Walla Walla - NY, New York
pianist, music critic, studied music with her father and with Miguel Espinosa in San Francisco, studied at the Paris Conservatoire, taught piano in Walla Walla and Portland Oregon, critic for the Portland Oregonian, editor for the Musical Courier, 1896 music teacher in Boston, 1900-1926 editor for the Musical Leader, 1902-1903 editor of a women's page in Etude, 1906-1912 critic for the New York Evening Mail, weekly contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle, Portland Oregonian and the Concertgoer ; daughter of musician Jacques Bauer (France, Bischheim 1834-1.aug.1890 Walla Walla) and Julie Heymann (France, Bouxwiller 1843-16.jul.1913 Portland) ; sister of composer Marion Bauer

Title Parts

[] My love is a muleteer. Song
[] Sevilla love song. Song
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