Baumeister, Georg Ottomar 27.oct.1800-f1872 Germany, Gorlitz - ?Breslau (now Wroclaw)
pianist, jurist, received the first lessons in music from his father, then studied piano and music theory with Johann Gottlob Schneider in Dresden, during his study at Breslau University he became friends with Carl Schnabel and participated in his winter concerts, until 1821 he was member of the Singakademie directed by Carl Friedrich Zelter in Berlin, 1826 appointed assessor in Glogau, 1832-1872 jurist in Breslau, Carl Julius Hoffmann in Die Tonkunstler Schlesiens 1830 called him one of the most skilled pianists of Silesia and praises his talent, taste and skill in improvisation

Title Parts

[] Grand rondeau. Piano
pub Foerster, Breslau

[] Deux valses et un cotillon. Piano
pub Foerster, Breslau

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