Hale, Irene Brainerd Baumgras (pseud: Rene, Victor) (fem) 8.dec.1859-1950 USA NY, Syracuse - Massachusetts, Boston Nahant
pianist, 1865 the family owned a piano and resided in Washington DC, 1881 she studied at Cincinnati Conservatory, studied piano with Oscar Raif and Moritz Moszkowski in Berlin, 1889 she moved with her husband to Boston, 1930-1940 residing at 15 Keswick Street Boston, after the death of her husband she made trips to England every year, 3.jul.1940 aged 80 she returned from holidays at Bermuda, 16.dec.1949 still living when her brother Erwin Cyrus Brainerd died ; daughter of artist/painter Peter Baumgras (Germany, Bad Homburg 4.jan.1827-18.oct.1903 Chicago) and Mary Brainerd Thompson (Syracuse 20.jan.1840-29.oct.1887 Chicago) ; 9.jul.1884 in Berlin she married music critic Philip Hale (Vermont, Norwich 5.mar.1854-30.nov.1934 Boston) whereafter she was consistently named Mrs. Philip Hale

Title Parts

[] Trois morceaux de genre. Piano. op15
under pseudonym Victor Rene
pub Arthur A. P. Schmidt Co., Leipzig 1890
[] 1 - Coquetterie
[] 2 - La capricieuse
[] 3 - Pantomime
[] Quatre pensees poetiques. 4 Morceaux caracteristiques. Piano. op16
under pseudonym Victor Rene
pub Arthur A. P. Schmidt Co., Leipzig 1891
[] 1 - Chansonette
[] 2 - Jour neigeux (A snowy day)
[] 3 - A la campagne (In the country)
[] 4 - Valse impromptu
[] An opal heart. Song
words Francis S. Saltus
pub William A. Pond Co., New York 1896

[] Five little white heads. Song
published as Irene Hale
pub William A. Pond Co., New York

[] Maisie. Song
[] Mystery. Song
[] We'll go no more a-roving. Song
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