Bawden, William Carlile (pseud: Vernon, Carlile) 18.jun.1857-1925 Wales, Merthyr Tydfil - ?, ?
musician, conductor, learned to play most of the orchestral instruments, also piano and organ, held various positions as organist and choirmaster, active as singer and teacher several years, won the composition prize at National Eisteddfod 1875, also several prizes for singing, 1880 as piano tuner for a piano manufacturer residing in Sherborne Dorset, leader-violinist and conductor-pianist in London and provincial theatres for several years, also on tour, active as conductor, stage manager or business manager in connection with many successful comic opera productions, 1885-1886 conductor-bandmaster on the S. S. 'Great Eastern' Exhibition, from its opening in 1886 conductor at the New Royalty Theatre in Chester, 1892 residing at Park Villa Stanley Road in Wimbledon, 1901-1902 conductor of the pantomime at Chester ; son of composer George Carlile Bawden ; 1878 in Merthyr he married Emily Kate Flooks (Merthyr 1859-) with whom he had 2 children but he never lived with and soon deserted his family ; 18.jun.1892 at St Mary in Wimbledon he married widow Ada Brain Baker (1862-)

Title Parts

[] Laurence Irving's "Silas Ruthven"
[] Robert Buchanan's "Nelson"
[] Robert Buchanan's "The Mariners of England"
[] Play by Landeck and Shirley
[] Play by John Douglas
[] A trip to China Town. Comic opera
[] The trip to Chicago. Comic opera
[] Fun on the Bristol. Comic opera
[] My Sweetheart. Comic opera
[] The J. P. Comic opera
[] The ballad singer. Comic opera
[] I want a little dolly. Song
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1897

[] Sweet little snowdrop. Song
words Harry F. McClelland
pub Howard & Co., London 26nov1897

[] My old hubby. Song
words J. S. Haydon
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 10apr1899

[] Flute journal no. 9. Classical solos. Flute and piano / Clarinet and piano
arranged by Carlile Vernon
pub John E. Dallas & Sons, London 1900/1910
[] 1 - Nocturne celebre. Chopin
[] 2 - Serenade. Schubert
[] 3 - Fragment. Mendelssohn
[] 4 - O star of eve. Wagner
[] 5 - Prayer. Beethoven
[] 6 - Le ruisseu. Gounod
[] 7 - Ave Maria. Gounod-Bach
[] 8 - Chanson triste. Tchaikovsky
[] Three voices. Song with organ accompaniment, violin and flute obligato
words and music W. Carlile Vernon
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 18jun1902

[] Blue bottles' dance. Piano
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 14jun1916

[] Venezia. Entr'acte. Piano
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 14jun1916

[] The recruiting sergeant. Fall in, march and two-step. Piano
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 10jul1916

[] Dallas tutor for the trombone. Simple and complete in the treble, alto, tenor and bass clefs with scales, exercises, solos and duets, relative notes of the various clefs
pub John E. Dallas & Sons, London 19??

[] Tiberius. Quick march. Brass band
pub Ed. Lyons, Melbourne 19??

[] Gems of sacred song. Fantasia. Brass band
pub Ed. Lyons, Melbourne 19??

[] Erin's Isle. Valse. Brass band
pub Ed. Lyons, Melbourne 19??

[] The president. Contest march. Brass band
pub Ed. Lyons, Melbourne 19??

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