Bay, Victor 25.feb.1896-12.oct.1988 Poland, Lodz - California, Los Angeles
jewish violinist, conductor, 1918 graduated under Paul Kochansky and Aleksandr Glazunov from Leningrad Conservatory, 28.sep.1922 emigrated from Berlin to the USA settling in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1922-1923 violinist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1930 residing at 38 West 56th Street in Manhattan, 1933 at 565 Park Avenue, 1934-1946 conductor for CBS New York, 1936 conductor of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, 1942 residing at 115 East 86th Street New York, 1946 conductor, composer and arranger for film in Hollywood, 1950 residing at 4177 Klump Avenue Hollywood, 1960 at 320 North Crescent Drive Beverly Hills, 1965-1981 conductor of the Santa Monica Symphony, violin accompanist with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr, Rosemary Clooney ; son of cantor Salomon Bay (Poland 1865-a1936 Poland) and Frieda Corenzwit (1870-10.sep.1942 deported from Lodz to the Lodz ghetto) ; brother of concert pianist Emanuel Bay (Ukraine, Simferopol 20.jan.1891-2.dec.1967 Israel, Jerusalem) ; 1928 he married dancer Anita Avila (California, Fresno 12.jun.1903-10.jan.1955 France, Paris) 1932 she toured Europe with her french dance partner Jacques Thomas 'Jack Nile' and married him 1935 ; may.1938 Victor married dancer Hanna Moore (Dallas 15.jun.1916-16.jan.1980 Los Angeles)

[Mize 1951 gives erroneously born 1901]

Title Parts

[] Keep singing. Voice and piano. 1941
words Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

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