Beavan, William 1835-f1877 England, ? - ?London
organist, pianist, conductor, professor of music, organist of St Mary's Church in London Kilburn, 1.may.1866 joined the St John's Freemason Lodge in London Hampstead, 1866 residing at 25 Great Western Terrace, 1868-1877 teacher organ at the London Academy of Music, one of his pupils was Frank George Mitford Ogbourne (London 1851-1929 London), 1868 member of the council and honorary secretary of the New Philharmonic Society at St George's Hall London, 24.feb.1870 he conducted the North-West Amateur Musical Society at Eyre Arms, among the instrumentalist was pianist John Beavan, 22.dec.1870 at St George's Hall he conducted soloists, a chorus of 300 and band of 70 in Mendelssohn's Elijah, 1872-1876 residing at 19 Victoria Road in Kilburn, 1886 at 195 High Road in Kilburn, he died before 1905

Title Parts

[] Voluntaries no1. Organ
arranged or composed by W. Beavan
pub Novello, London 1869

[] Voluntaries no2. Organ
pub Novello, London 1869
[] 1 - Violin concerto op47 (Spohr)
[] 2 - Andante cantabile (Mendelssohn)
[] 3 - Concerto in d, Andante (Mozart)
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