Beckett, Florence Mary Anne a' (Mrs. Gilbert Abbott a'Beckett) (fem) 1817-11.dec.1863 England, London - London
composer, librettist, wife of writer Gilbert Abbott a'Beckett

Title Parts

[] Ridotto waltz. Piano. 1847
[] Casino waltz. Piano. 1847
[] Music's soft measure. Duet to the air of the Cachucha from Wanted a Brigand. 1838
arranged by Mrs. G. A. A'Beckett

[] Vainly to me of love you speak. Duet. 1840
words G. A. A'Beckett

[] My home must be where'er thou art. Song. 1847
words Mark Lemon

[] Ne'er think that I'll forget thee. Ballad. 1850
[] Do not smile. Ballad. 1851
words J. D. Douglas

[] And must we then in silence meet. Ballad. 1851
[] Dear scenes of happier hours. Ballad. 1854
words G. A. A'Beckett

[] Take back thy gift. Ballad. 1854
words G. A. A'Beckett

[] Oh come again sweet summer time. Ballad. 1854
words Sir W. A'Beckett

[] Dear Italy. Ballad. 1856
words G. A. A'Beckett

[] Dear Old England. Patriotic song. 1859
words Mrs. V. Roberts

[] Agnes Sorel. Opera. St.James Theatre, London feb1836
libretto Mary Anne a Beckett

[] The little Red Riding Hood. Opera. Princess Theatre, London 9feb1843
libretto Mary Anne a Beckett

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