Beethoven, Kaspar Anton Karl van 8.apr.1774-15.nov.1815 Germany, Bonn - Austria, Vienna
music teacher in Bonn, musician at the Kurfurstliche Kapelle in Bonn, 1794 went to Vienna where he taught music and was employed at the Universal-Staatsschuldenkasse, 24.mar.1800 promoted to Kassa-Officier, 1802-1806 he also took care of the business for his brother Ludwig but since he allowed himself to dispose of his compositions Ludwig ended the co-operation, 1809 promoted to Liquidations-Adjunct, he died from tuberculosis ; grandson of Lodewijk ; brother of Ludwig ; 25.may.1806 he married Johanna Reiss ; son Karl (4.sep.1806-) became the plague of Ludwig after the death of Kaspar

Title Parts

[] 6 Menuets, 8 deutsche und 8 contra-tanze. Piano
gestochen (engraved)
advertized in the Wiener Zeitung 11jan1801

[] Clavir vor 4 hande par Caspar Beethoven. Sonata in D
autograph ms Artaria & Co., Vienna
Th. Beethoven Chronologisches Verzeignis p.134
ms Berlin Library
in 3 parts
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