Benedict, Walter Michael 19.mar.1896-1948 Austria, Vienna - USA NY, ?New York City
jewish flutist, pianist, 1942-1942 residing at 187 Pinehurst Avenue Manhattan and employed with the Lohawk Trading Company, 3.jan.1944 naturalized American, 1944-1945 residing at 36 Magaw Place Manhattan and member of the New York Flute Club ; son of Max Benedict (1867-1931) and Pauline Hoffman (1870-1896) ; in Vienna he married Alice Rosa Sara Ehrenfest (Vienna 27.oct.1902-1990 USA)

Title Parts

[] Adagio from Quartet in D by Mozart
transcribed for flute and piano
copyright Walter Benedict, New York 28jul1945

[] Quartet in d. Flute, violin, viola and cello. op21
copyright Walter Benedict, New York 10aug1945
pub Mills Music Inc., New York 1945
copyright renewal Walter Benedict 10aug1972

[] Sonatina. 2 Flutes
copyright Walter Benedict, New York 13nov1946

[] The cloisters
copyright Walter M. Benedict 19mar1948

[] Divertimento. Flute, viola and bassoon
copyright Walter M. Benedict 26may1948

[] Humoresque. Flute
copyright Lilly Helen Benedict 6may1954

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