Benedictus, Louis (Ludwig) 13.dec.1850-1921 Austria, Vienna - France, Dinard
pianist, son of Dutch jewish parents, his father being a diamond merchant, studied with Franz Liszt in Austria, Henry Litolff and Alexis Chauvet in France, 1882 organized six Wagner sessions with great appreciation at Salle Nadar in Paris, 1889 and 1900 contributed 'Musiques bizarres' to the Paris Expositions universelles of 1890 and 1900, he was named 'liege-man' (associated) to Judith Gautier

Title Parts

[] Sombre Hellespont
words Judith Gautier (Paris 1845-1917)

[] Vilanelle
words Judith Gautier (Paris 1845-1917)

[] Ephipanie
words Leconte de Lisle

[] La marchande de sourires. Drama. Theatre Odeon, Paris 21apr1888
libretto Judith Gautier (Paris 1845-1917) and Pierre Loti

[] Une larme du diable. Mystere. Salle Barbaganzes, Paris jun1910
libretto after Theophile Gautier (father of Judith)

[] Musiques bizarres. Composed for the Paris Expositions universelles of 1890 and 1900
published in 2 volumes by Hartmann, Ollendorff, editeurs. 1889 and 1900

[] Sonate du Clair de Lune. Opera (with Beethoven as the hero)
libretto Judith Gautier
libretto received by the management of l'Opera-Comique Paris in 1903, to be represented at this theatre

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