Bennett, Thomas Case Sterndale 10.aug.1882-16.may.1944 England London, Highgate - London
singer, grandson of William Sterndale

Title Parts

[] Yachting in Regent's Park. Song
words George Arthurs
pub Keith Prowse & Co. London 1911

[] Sometimes in summer. Song
words Edward Teschemacher
pub Boosey & Co. London 1911

[] The songs of today. Baritone and piano. 1911
Thomas Allen, Malcolm Martineau. Hyperion 67374

[] Take, O take those lips away. Song
John McCormack. Symposium 1165

[] Leanin'. Song. 1927
Harold Williams, Orchestra / Joseph Batten. ASV Living Era 3028

[] A silent courtship. Song
words A. Cramer

[] The wonderful silvery sea. Song
words Clifford Grey
pub Reynolds & Co. London 1917

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