Berkowitz, Ralph 5.sep.1910-2.aug.2011 USA NY, New York Brooklyn - New Mexico, Albuquerque
pianist, arranger, 1930 moved with his parents to Philadelphia, 1935 graduated with Isabelle Vengerova from the Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia, 1933-1942 taught at the Curtis Institute of Music and summers at the Berkshire Music Center in Tanglewood, 1947 named dean at the Berkshire Music Center, 1947-1951 executive assistant to Serge Koussevitzky, pianist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1947 concert pianist with cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, 1953-1972 toured the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and the Orient, 1958-1969 manager of the Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra, lecturer, painter and author of magazine articles for Etude and the book 'What every accompanist knows', 1976 residing at 620 Rio Grande Boulevard Albuquerque, 1992 donated his archives to the University of Maryland Baltimore ; son of auto painter William Berkowitz (Romania 1884-) and Matilda (Romania 1885-) ; 1931/1934 he married musician/music teacher Freda Pastor (New Jersey, Newark 1909-)

Title Parts

[] Dialogue on Gilbert and Sullivan themes. 2 Pianos
pub Elkan-Vogel Co., Philadelphia 1944

[] A telephone call. Voice and orchestra. Rio de Janeiro 15dec1955
words Dorothy Parker

[] Syncopations. Piano. 1956
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