Berlin, Ben (ne Biek, Hermann Bernhard Leopoldovich) 23.sep.1896-10.aug.1944 Estonia, Reval (now Tallinn) / 1925 Berlin / 1933 Netherlands / 1936 Austria / 1937 Paris / 1937 England, London - London Camden
pianist of jewish descent, 1919-1920 studied piano and composition at Petrograd (St Petersburg) Conservatory, 1920 pianist in Reval, 1925 in Germany where his russian name was transliterated to Bick, he was pianist, bandleader, arranger for Deutsche Vox and 1928-1931 for Deutsche Grammophon in Berlin, 1928 founded the Ben Berlin Tanz Orchester, from 1.may.1933 he gave concerts at Grand Hotel Central Den Haag Netherlands, 1936 his publisher is AKM (Gesellschaft der Autoren, Komponisten und Musikverleger) Vienna Austria, 1938-1944 as private piano teacher Hermann Biek resident at 67 Eton Rise London Camden ; son of merchant Leopold Biek and Marie Fleischacker ; before 1922 he married composer/pianist Vera Vinogradova (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod 23.feb.1895-19.sep.1982 England, Chichester) ; their son Leopold 'Leo' Biek (Tallinn 1921-?1984 London) resided with Valerie E Biek at 15 Belsize Square London Camden 1946-1984 ; their daughter Nina Vinogradova Biek (born 1922/1937 [? Tallinn c1924] - now living in Bungay Suffolk England), international concert pianist, 1985-2011 concerted throughout the UK, 2000-2008 she organized concerts at Holy Trinity Church in Bungay, early 2011 she gave a piano recital at Geldeston Hall in Geldeston 2 miles from Bungay

[some sources give erroneously died 1936 or died in Los Angeles Hollywood]

Title Parts

[] Friends of youth. Piano
composed by Hermann Biek and Vera Vinogradova
played by Mariya Veniaminovna Yudina (1899-1970)

[] Der Korvettenkapitan. Film score. 1930
music with Bronislav Kaper

[] Perambulator jock. Instrumental novelty for piano solo. England 1937
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