Berlinski, Jacob (Jacques) Isaac 13.dec.1913-17.mar.1988 Poland, Radom - USA California, Los Angeles Reseda
pianist, conductor, jewish, 1931 studied with Nadia Boulanger and Jean Roger Ducasse in Paris, 1935 laureate of the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, during WWII he served in the French Army artillery at Lyon, 1930-1960 living in France, c1955 director of music at the Jewish Art Center of France for the Advancement of Jewish Music, music director for Radio Lorraine-Champagne, 1952 residing at 31 Rue des Blancs Manteaux Paris, as conductor also active in Belgium and 1952 in South Africa, dec.1960-1962 conductor of the yiddish Hazomir Choir Melbourne and director of music at the Melbourne Boys High School Australia, 1968 emigrated to the USA, 1973-1975 residing at 18407 Erwin Street Reseda, 29.jun.1973 naturalized American and changed his name to Jacques Barkley ; son of unknown Berlinski and unknown Weissman ; the name of his wife may have been Gretchen

Title Parts

[] Symphony no1
first prize in a New York composition contest 1948
subtitled "Symphony of glory" and dedicated to the memory of Winston Churchill 1965

[] Kenaan (Canaan). Symphonic poem. Paris 18nov1948
prize in the National Jewish Welfare Board International Music Contest February 1948

[] Van Riebeeck symphony. 1951
American premiere by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra January 1960
pub Editions Max Eschig, Paris and Munchen

[] Symphony "America". Narrator, choir and orchestra. 1975
words from books of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams
1st performance at the American Bicentennial celebrations, Civic Theatre, San Diego California 6may1976

[] Chevalier des Cimes (Knight of the Summits). Symphonic poem
dedicated to the late King Albert I of Belgium

[] Habakkuk. Cantata
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