Bernard, Caroline Mary Richings (nee Reynoldson) (fem) 13.may.1832-14.jan.1882 England Surrey, Walworth - USA Virginia, Richmond (smallpox)
pianist, opera singer, 13.feb.1833 emigrated to the USA, 30.nov.1847 debuted as pianist in Philadelphia, 9.feb.1852 sang in 'La fille du regiment' in Philadelphia, 1859 pianist and singer in the Richings Grand Opera organized by her father of which she became director in 1867, 1874-1875 organized the Old Folks Concert Company in Philadelphia, principal singer of the Mozart Association in Richmond, taught piano and voice in Baltimore and Richmond ; daughter of composer/tragedian Thomas Herbert Reynoldson (England Lincolnshire, Boston 1808-7.jul.1883 London Hackney) and Caroline Louisa Fairbrother (London Clerkenwell 1814-mar.1883 London Hackney) ; adopted by actor Peter Richings (England 1798 / 29.aug.1821 USA / died Philadelphia 18.jan.1871) ; 7.dec.1867 in Boston she married tenor Peter Bernard

[Claghorn 1973 gives erroneously born 1827]

Title Parts

[] The Duchess. Operetta. Baltimore August 1881
[] As panting in the sultry beam. Sacred song
pub John F. Ellis & Co., Washington DC

[] See the pensive moon reclining. SA Choir
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] O word of God incarnate. Sacred song
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