Bertram, Johann (Johannes) (Joannes) 1535-17.apr.1575 Germany, Celle - Luneburg
cantor, pastor

[? same as Joannes Bertram, born Belgium and, according to the Acta Capitularia archives, from 1549 canon at the Notre Dame in Kortrijk (Courtrai)]

Title Parts

[] Ach wir armen sunder unser missetat. 4vv
in Lossius' Psalmodia 1561

[] O wir armen sunder. 4vv
in Laurentius Stiphelius Geistlisches Gesangbuch 1612

[] Veni maxime spiritus. 4vv
[] Deus pater. 4vv
[] Unica vitae. 4vv
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