Berwald, Wilhelm Heinrich (William Henry) 26.dec.1864-8.may.1948 Germany Mecklenburg, Schwerin - USA California, San Bernardino Loma Linda
pianist, theorist, conductor, 1881 graduated from the Realschule Schwerin, 1882-1887 studied music at Munich Conservatory, counterpoint and composition with Josef Rheinberger, piano with Hans Bussmeyer, 1887-1889 composition with Immanuel Faisst in Stuttgart, 1903 MM and 1912 MD from Syracuse University, 1888-1892 conducted the Philharmonic Society in Libau Russia, sep.1892 emigrated to the USA, 1892 instructor of piano and theory, 1893 full professor and 1910-1945 head theory and composition department at Syracuse University, 1921-1924 conductor of Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, 1914 residing at 102 Ostrom Avenue and 1918 at 605 Euclid Avenue Syracuse NY, 1928 winner organ and orchestra composition contest National Association of Organists ; son of Wilhelm Heinrich Berwald sr (Germany - Germany) and Emilie Meyer (Germany - Germany) ; 1897 he married soprano Anna Eugenia Baker (NY, Auburn apr.1876-2.feb.1931 Syracuse) who studied music 1897-1900 at Syracuse University

Title Parts

[] Sonata in F. Violin and piano. op21
pub Breitkopf & Hartel

[] Dramatic overture. Orchestra. first performance 1904 by the Court Opera Orchestra Schwerin
[] The birth of Christ. Oratorio. Boston 1906
[] Christmas tidings. Oratorio. Boston 1907
[] Crucifixion and resurrection. Cantata. Boston 1907
pub Oliver Ditson Co.

[] Meditation. Organ. 1926
[] Marche characteristique. Organ. 1927
[] Prelude and toccata. Organ. 1928
[] Indian serenade
[] Quintet in A. Piano and string quartet
prize from Philadelphia Manuscript Society

[] Seven last words of Christ. Cantata
pub G. Schirmer

[] Sing to the Lord of harvest. Thanksgiving anthem. Soprano, choir and organ
words J. S. B. Monsell

[] Hark what mean those holy voices. Christmas anthem. Female choir
words J. Cawood

[] Walthari overture. Orch.
[] Symphonic legend
[] Eros and Psyche
[] Prelude and fugue
[] Scherzo fantastique
[] The way of the cross. Choir
[] From old Japan. Choir
[] The voice of fate. Choir
[] Fair California. Choir
[] (title unknown). Anthem. Clemson gold medal, American Guild of Organists
[] Utopia. Musical drama
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