Betjeman, Paul S 26.nov.1937- England, London Pancras
BA from Oxford University, 1962 emigrated to the USA, 1964 studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts, at Harvard Graduation School of Education in Cambridge Massachusetts, studied composition with Stefan Wolpe, electronic music with Mario Davidovsky, Vladimir Ussachevsky and Charles Dodge at Columbia University in New York City, consultant in computer music at Columbia University, 1982 address Riverdale Country School in New York Bronx, 1993 residing in Yorktown Heights NY ; son of poet John Betjeman

Title Parts

[] Pueblo. Incidental music. Arena Stage, Washington DC 1971
play by Stanley R. Greenberg

[] Hawthorn I. 1972
[] Forbidden. Ballet. Electronics. 1974
[] Hawthorn II. 2 Pianos and 2 percussionists. 1975
[] Hawthorn III. Piano and string quartet. 1975
[] Three songs on poems by my father. Soprano and piano. 1980
American Composers Alliance

[] Slow burn. Clarinet, string quartet and bass viol
[] Paces. Trumpet and organ
[] String quartet
[] St Mark XV 17-21. Choir
[] Paces. Organ and trumpet
[] Three songs on scriptural texts. Soprano and electronics
[] 6 Breaths. Soprano and electronics
[] Rattler. Electronics
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