Bredt, William 1872-15.mar.1959 Germany, ? - England, London Kensington
merchant, amateur conductor and composer, 1898 residing at the home of his parents-in-law 136 Tulse Hill in London Brixton, 1901 as merchant/employer residing with his first wife, daughter and 2 servants at 113 Palace Road in Lambeth, 1908-1909 residing with his second wife and son at 'Clareville Lodge' at 25 Clareville Grove in Kensington, 1909-1917 residing with his wife and a servant at 194 Cromwell Road in Kensington and owner of Mining Land Business Gentleman Merchants Ex & Importers, 1918 he owned a countryhouse 'Teneriffe' in Rustington Sussex, 1926-1930 merchant in Chemicals & Drugs at 41 Great Tower Street while residing at a countryhouse in Elmhurst Angmering Sussex and at 19 Wetherby Gardens in Kensington, 1928-1932 conductor of the Orchestral Society of Worthing Sussex, 1949-1959 residing at 19 Gunterstone Road in Kensington, he died at Maidenhead Hospital Berkshire shortly after being admitted to a nursing home in nearby Taplow ; son of sugar manufacturer Titus Bredt ; 8.oct.1898 at the German Lutheran Church in Camberwell he married Caroline Emilie Maximiliane Helen Hildegard Broicher (London Lambeth 1876-), widowed 1902 ; daughter Hilda (Lambeth 1899-) ; 14.nov.1903 at the Oratory in Brompton he married pianist/composer Alice Verne ; son Arthur William A Bredt (Lambeth 1905-1954 Reading)

Title Parts

[] Sleep, dear one. Song
pub Weekes & Co., London 1898

[] Rhapsodie a l'hongroise no1. Violin and piano. op30/1
pub Willcocks & Co., London 18jan1906

[] Rhapsodie a l'hongroise no2. Violin and piano. op30/2
pub Willcocks & Co., London 18jan1906

[] Rhapsodie a l'hongroise no3. Violin and piano. op30/3
pub Willcocks & Co., London 18jan1906

[] A little fairy tale. Violin and piano. op31
pub Reid Bros., London 1924

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