Bucalossi, Procida Joseph Henry Edwards 6.jun.1837-10.may.1918 Italy, Florence - London Surrey
conductor, 13.aug.1848 baptized at St George in London Bloomsbury England as Procida Joseph Henry Edwards (it does not seem that his birthname was Procida Giuseppe Enrico Eduardo), 1861 living with his wife Ann in London St Pancras Kentisch Town, 1881 at 7 Allsop Place Cornwall Residence, 1911 widowed living at 9 Albert Mansions South Lambeth Road, died at Croydon Mental Hospital Upper Warlingham ; son of teacher italian Luigi Bucalossi and Elizabeth Jane ; 3.sep.1860 in London Marylebone he married Ann Crouch (1846-b1911) ; son actor/composer Brigata Bucalossi (London Marylebone 1862-21.dec.1924 London) and composer Procida Ernest Luigi Bucalossi (London 1863-15.apr.1933 Surrey, Ottershaw)

Title Parts

[] Pom. Comic opera. London 25mar1876
[] Black coating (Black mantles) (Les manteaux noir) (Schwarzmantel). Comic opera. London 1879
libretto W. Parke and Harry Paulton [H. Palgrave]
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London
[] - Overture
[] - Heart sighs ever to be free
[] - Airs
[] - Fantasy
[] - Galopp
[] - Lancers
[] - Polka
[] - Quadrille
[] - Waltz
[] Rothomago. Fairytale opera. Alhambra, London jan1880
words and music with E. Solomon, G. Serpette and G. Jacoby

[] Annie Mie. Comic opera. London 1882
[] Delia. Comic opera. Princess Theatre, Bristol mar1889
[] The beauty and the beast. Pantomime. London 1891
libretto W. Yardley and A. Harris

[] Une orgie de noir. Operetta in 1 act. Terry Theatre, London feb1888
libretto W. Parke and A. Shirley

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