Burns, Joy Milane Ace (fem) 19??- USA Montana, Helena
lyricist, writer, lecturer, studied at McGill University Montreal, 1953-1983 residing in San Diego California, 1953-a1985 president of the Beethoven Society of America 'Hearth of Friendship Inc.' in Hollywood which organized concerts, meetings and an annual placing of a wreath at the Ludwig van Beethoven statue on March 26 in Pershing Square Park, December 1960 she filed a $25 million suit against Columbia Pictures Corp for producing the film Song without end (1960) from the 1946 scripts on the life of Franz Liszt by writer and composer Dr. Theodore Kolline who died 1953 and of whom she was the only heir, January 1966 the court ruled in favor of Columbia, 1968 she was president of Science Fiction Opera Co. in Los Angeles ; 1.jun.1983 in San Diego a Milane J Burns divorced John M Burns

[she used the name Milane, Joy ; 1960-1966 her married name was Burns, Joy Milane ; in E Kay World's Who's Who of Women 1975 she is listed as Ace, Joy Milane suggesting she had remarried by 1975 or had divorced and used her maiden name again]

Title Parts

the attribution of words and music of the following works is questionable: they are possibly all by Theodore Kolline, the attribution to Joy Milane is probably because she acquired all copyrights as only heir of Theodore Kolline
[] A conflict divine. Song
? identical or based on the writing of Theodore Kolline: The divine conflict. 3 Act musical drama on the life of Liszt. 1947

[] Immortal lover. Song
[] The biographical life of Ludwig van Beethoven. Song
? identical or based on the writing of Theodore Kolline: Life and work of Beethoven. 1947

[] The man from the moon. Operetta
music Theodore Kolline
libretto and lyrics Joy Milane
excerpts were performed by Evelyne Lewis and Ermon Farr at the Beethoven Society Yule Party in the Hollywood Room of the Knickerbocker Hotel, Hollywood 17dec1968
copyright music and lyrics Joy Milane 27jan1975
copyright libretto Joy Milane 22apr1975
- Soldiers of the guard
- Call of romance
- I'm the man from the moon
- The wedding march
- Song of the villagers
- The wonder of you
- These lonely hours
- Come, sing me
- Minuet. Instrumental dance
- Our rendezvous is over
- Snug little home in the moon
- The Scaffold awaits him. Dirge
- The magic pig
- You're always a princess to me
- Seize him!
- Though I am innocent
- Shall we marry now?
- Our secret love
- That's why I dance
- Eub-a-dub-dub
- Lucky, lucky princess
- The old lowe and toe new
- Our bundle from heaven. Lullaby
- Another waltz
writing: Artist Revue. Contest Issue. International Press 1963
single issue magazine produced as a contest to raise funds for the Conservatory of Allied Arts (formed 8nov1963 in Portage Indiana with seven agencies throughout the USA)

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