Camidge, John II 11.aug.1790-21.sep.1859 England, York - York
organist, 1812 BM and 1819 DM from Cambridge University, organist of York Minster, 15.oct.1842 of York Cathedral until he became paralyzed on 28.nov.1848 ; son of composer Matthew Camidge and Mary Ann Shaw (1767-19.aug.1835 York) ; 1817 at St George York he married Elizabeth Dickinson (Berkshire, Odiam 1795-13.may.1870 York)

Title Parts

Psalm 88 O Lord God of my salvation. Choir
comp by Camidge - ? John II
Norwich Cathedral Choir

Psalm 106 O give thanks unto the Lord. Choir and organ
comp by Camidge - ? John II
Southwark Cathedral / Peter Wright, Stephen Disley, Daniel Cook

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