Cantemir, Dimitrie (russian: Kantemir, Dmitry) 26.oct.1673-21.aug.1723 Moldavia, Silisteni-Falciu (now Romania, Dimitrie Cantemir) - Russia, near Moscow at his estate Dimitrievka (russian:Dmitrovka) (bur Moscow)
tanbur player, musicologist, philosopher, historian, linguist, ethnographer, geographer, 1688-1710 lived in Constantinople, 1693 and 1710-1711 prince of Moldavia

[some sources say he died on his estate Dimitrievka near Kharkov ; but he left Kharkov in 1713 and resided on his estate Dimitrievka near Moscow until his death]

Title Parts

Elci Pesrev (March-out of the envoy's)
Turkish/Osmanli Janizary soldiers march
L'Orient Imaginaire / Vladimir Ivanoff

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