Cary, Jane 'Jennie' 'Jenny' Margaret (fem) 11.jan.1843-16.nov.1925 USA Maryland, Baltimore Haystack / 1843-aft.30.aug.1922 Baltimore - ?, ?
daughter of colonel Wilson Miles Cary (Williamsburg, Virginia 2.sep.1806-9.jan.1877 Baltimore) and Jane Margaret Carr Cary (Carysbrook, Virginia 15.mar.1809-22.jan.1903 Baltimore) ; sister of Hetty Cary Martin (Baltimore 15.may.1836-27.sep.1892 Baltimore) ; cousin of poet Constance Cary Harrison (Port Gibson, Mississippi 25.apr.1843-21.nov.1920 Washington DC) ; 31.may.1922-30.aug.1922 (aged 78) Jennie visited England and France

Title Parts

[] Maryland, my Maryland. Song
words James Ryder Randall 23 April 1861
the poem first appeared in the New Orleans "Sunday Delta" of 26 April 1861
the poem is set to the music of "Lauriger Horatius" by Miss Jennie Cary, which is based on the melody of the song O Tannenbaum
adopted as State song for Maryland 1939

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