Casa, Girolamo dalla c1543-b.12.dec.1601 Italy, Udine - Venice
29.jan.1568 with his brothers appointed as instrumentalist at San Marco Venice, 12.dec.1601 he was succeeded by Giovanni Bassano ; brother of Giovanni (Udine 15??-25.apr.1607 Venice) and Nicolo (Udine 15??-8.feb.1617 Venice)

Title Parts

[] Vero modo di diminuir libro I et II. Venice 1584 - Petite fleur coincte et jolye
comp by Thomas Crecquillon, arr by dalla Casa for zink and ornamentation
Bruce Dickey, Tragicomedia. Accent 9173
Doulce memoire en plaisir consommee. Chanson 4vv
comp by Pierre Sandrin, arr dalla Casa
Hille Perl gamba, Andrew Lawrence-King harp. DHM 0547277502-2

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