Chernikov (aka Skotnikov), Vyacheslav Gerasimovich 21.may.1947-16.oct.1994 Russia, ? - ?, ?
bayan player, 1977 graduated as accordionist from the Voronezh Institute of Arts, 1978 winner of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana, 1986 graduated in composition under Anatoly Kusyakov from Rostov Musical Pedagogical Institute, 1992 winner of the first All-Russian 'Improvisation 92' contest in Magnitogorsk

[also known as Vladimir Chernikov which may have been a stagename or a publishers error]

Title Parts

Jazz waltz. Bayan (accordion)
Volodymyr Kurylenko

[] Two improvisations. Accordion [] 1 - Improvisation on the theme "Lonely harmonica" by B. Mokrousov. Andante impressivo
[] 2 - Improvisation on the russian folksong "Yablochko". Lento
[] The wide steppe. 2 Bayans and domra (russian stringed folk instrument)
arr of a folksong
Robert Sattler, Vyacheslav Semyonov, Natalia Semyonova. CD Sattler Associates Inc. Atlanta Georgia USA (1996)

[] Cowboy from Voronezh. Accordion
[] Otrada. Variations on a traditional russian folksong
Trio Voronezh: Sergey Teleshev bayan, Vladimir Volochin domra, Valery Petruchin bass balalaika. Southern Theatre, Columbus Ohio 2003

[] Lilac. Romance. Bass and piano
[] Ei ukhnem!. Accordion
arr of a non-traditional Burlatsky folksong
Bjarke Mogensen. Orchid Classics 100015

[] Old town suite in three parts
Syktyvkar Bayan Trio

[] Poem. Orchestra
[] The Murom track. Accordion
arr of a folksong

[] Variations on the russian folksong "Joy". Accordion
[] Improvisation on the russian folksong "Apple". Accordion
[] Il fismarmonicist solitario (Solitary accordionist)
Corrado Maria Saglietti harp

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