Coeck, Jan Louis Alfons 19.sep.1944- Belgium, Beerzel
cellist, 1963 1st prize solfege with Frits Celis and 1971 1st prize music theory with August Verbesselt at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerpen, studied cello and harmony at the Conservatory of Liege, 1965-1988 cellist at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerpen, 1989 retired to a village near Bordeaux France where he devoted himself to composing and was artistic director of a clarinet ensemble

Title Parts

[] Clarifonia. Clarinet orchestra. 1982
Walter Boeykens, Jan Guns, Walter Boeykens Ensemble. Rene Gailly 87003

[] Sonata. Cello and piano. 1970
[] Metamorphosen. String orchestra. 1971
[] Sinfonietta. 1975
[] Clarinet concerto no1. 1984
[] Der Schuss. Chamber opera. 1987
prize winner composition contest of the province of Antwerpen 1989

[] Clarinet concerto no2. 1990
[] Concerto. Tuba, strings, harp and percussion. 1993
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