Colburn, Harriett 'Hattie' Jennie Leonard 20.jan.1856-22.jul.1931 USA Michigan, Detroit - NY, Dobbs Ferry
pianist, 1858 moved to Clinton Iowa, 1860 moved to Chicago, 1877 graduated from Chicago High School, 1878 did not move with her divorced mother to New York City, studied music privately in Chicago, 1881-1885 teacher harmony and director of the Conservatory of Music Cornell College in Mt Vernon Iowa, 1885-1887 graduated with Karl Klindworth from Berlin Conservatory, studied theory with Otto Tiersch, taught several years as assistant to Silas G Pratt in Chicago, taught in Boston and Lynn Massachusetts, 1894 music teacher in New York City where her monthly musical Sunday evenings were much appreciated, 1894 called Miss Leonard, 1900-1920 piano teacher in Schenectady NY, 1917-1929 residing at 1418 Union Street, from 1930 patient at Estherwood Avenue Sanitorium in Dobbs Ferry, contributed articles to 'The Etude', 'Housewives League Magazine' and newspapers, member of Iowa State Music Teachers Association, charter member of New York State Music Teachers Association, member of Daughters of the American Revolution, May Flower Association, Albany Colony of New England Women, Schenectady Women's Club of which she was president 1911-1913, better known as a composer of classical music in Germany ; daughter of newspaper publisher Charles Egbert Leonard (NY, Buffalo 1829-10.oct.1896 Detroit) and suffragist/writer Cynthia Hicks Vanname (NY, Buffalo 28.feb.1828-1908 New Jersey) ; sister of the singers Helen Louise 'Lillian' Russell (Iowa, Clinton 4.dec.1858-6.jun.1922 Pittsburgh) and Suzanne Westford (Chicago 1864-) ; 16.mar.1878 in Chicago she married General Electric foreman Edgar Gray Colburn (Boston 20.mar.1856-1917 Schenectady)

[Saerchinger 1918 gives erroneously born 1858]

Title Parts

[] Beton lullaby. Piano
published as Hattie J. Leonard
published by Willcocks & Co., London England before 1894

[] (details unknown). Teaching pieces
[] Montmorenci galop. Piano
? Montmorenci Indiana
? Montmorenci South Carolina
composed by Colburn - ? Hattie J. Leonard Colburn
publisher White, Smith & Co., Boston

writing: Book for young teachers and advanced students. 1894
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