Curti, Carlo II (Charles) (Carlos) c1859-f1915 Italy, Potenza / 1875-1915 USA NY, New York - ?, ?
musician, ?composer, he also used the american form of his name Charles and later the spanish form Carlos, 1875 emigrated with his brother musician Giovanni (John) (Italy 1850-) to the USA, 1880-1882 as the Curti Brothers residing at the home of his married brother John at 188 Mulberry Street in New York, 1910 with his brother John employed as musicians at a hotel in New York Manhattan, 14.sep.1911 returned with his wife Carmen (Germany c1862- imm.1874) from a visit to his family in Potenza, 1915 resided as musician in New York Bronx

[the listed compositions cannot be attributed to the mexican Carlos Curti but neither with certainty to Carlo Curti II]

Title Parts

[] Simple Simon Simple. Song
music Carlos Curti - ? Carlo Curti II
lyrics Charles H. Brown and Otis F. Wood
words of the complete musical show "Simon Simple" copyrighted by T. C. McClure, New York 16feb1904
pub Charles K. Harris, New York 1905

[] Chimes of old Cornell. pub1917
music Carlos Curti - ? Carlos Curti or Carlo Curti II
words C. E. Elliott

[] Would you if I asked you? Song
music C. Curti - ? Carlo II
words by Col. William K. Rowe jr.
pub Curti & Rowe jr. New York / Musicians Music Publishing Co., New York 21jan1911

[] My Irish home. Song and chor
music C. Curti - ? Carlo II
pub White, Smith & Co., Boston

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