Damare, Pierre Eugene 3.dec.1840-1919 France Pyrenees, Bayonne - Paris
piccoloist, conductor, composer of 480 numbered opusus for piccolo, many of them also arranged for band, as a piccolo virtuoso he traveled all continents, 4.jun.1878 gave a concert with his wife Marie Despaux at eglise de Neuilly Paris, piccoloist at the Concerts Arban and for 5 years at the concerts Lamoureux, for 3 years conductor at the Casino Theatre d'Enghien, then at the Kursaal in Dunkerque and 1893 of the orchestra of Hotel de Ville in Paris, 1893 residing at 48 rue Richer Paris ; son of musician Joseph Barbe Damare (Tostat 2.dec.1803-13.apr.1850 Bayonne) and Adele Olympe Hauvet (-30.jan.1848) ; 19.may.1878 in Paris he married musician Marie Eugenie Despaux (c1851-10.nov.1881 Paris Boulogne Billancourt)

[his music arranged for band should not be confused with that of cornetist/bandmaster William Rimmer (England, Southport 1862-9.feb.1936 Southport) who used the pseudonym E Damare]

Title Parts

Piccolo polka. Piccolo and piano. op157
La tourterelle (The turtle dove). Piccolo and piano. 1885. op119
Nola Exel, Jan Gruithuyzen

[] Le merle blanc (The white blackbird). Piccolo and piano. 1890. op161
[] Tarentelle. Piccolo and piano. op391
[] Un nez entre deux cotelettes. Operetta. Paris 1860
libretto Albert de Bausset and L. Gothi

[] Mariage tonkinois. Ballet. Folies Bergere, Paris 1887
libretto Marc-Sonal

[] Le petit sardanapal. Ballet. Oran 18mar1909
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