Dauvilliers (d'Auvilliers), Jacques Marin 22.sep.1755-1839 France, Chartres - ?, ?
choirmaster, 3.apr.1762 choirboy at the Notre-Dame in Chartres where he studied music with Michel Delalande (1739-1812), 1765 threatened with dismissal as a consumptive, 1773 dismissed after having blackmailed three times and copied a collection of responses, 1774 and 1785-1788 choirmaster at Saint-Aignan in Orleans, then choirmaster at the cathedral in Tours, during the Revolution (1789-1799) his mastership was removed which forced him to move to Paris and later to Italy and other countries

Title Parts

[] Feuilles de Terpsichore ou journal compose d'ouvertures, d'airs arranges pour le clavecin et d'airs avec accompagnement pour la harpe, 1re-15e annee. Hebdomadaire
pub Cousineau pere et fils, Paris 1784-1799
including the composition by d'Auvilliers :
[] - Ils sont passes, ces moments. Air a 1 v. et acc. pour la harpe
in Feuilles de Terpsichore 1785
[] (details unknown).  Potpourris and Romances, published by Leduc in Paris
[Fetis 1836]

[] Solfege (music theory study), dedie a Gretry, published by Leduc in Paris
which had been approved by Lesueur
[Fetis 1836]

[] Traite de composition elementaire, les accords, dediee a monsieur Lesueur
published Paris 1834

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