Dowland, John 1563-20.feb.1626 England, ?London - London

Title Parts

* Lacrimae, or seven tears. 5 Viols and lute. p1604
Dowland Consort / Jakob Lindberg
1 - Lacrimae antiquae
2 - Lacrimae antiquae novae
3 - Lacrimae gementes
4 - Lacrimae tristes
5 - Lacrimae coactae
6 - Lacrimae amantis
7 - Lacrimae verae
Captain Digorie Piper his galliard. Lute. P19
Paul O'Dette. Harmonia Mundi 907164

Adieu for Oliver Cromwell. Pavan 4:10. Lute. P13
Jakob Lindberg. BIS 300824

[] The first Book of songs or ayres. 21 songs. 1597 21 - Away with these selfloving lads
Barbara Bonney, Jacob Heringman. Decca 466132
[] The second Book of songs or ayres. 22 songs. 1600 1 - I saw my lady weep. Soprano, viola da gamba, bass and lute. in 2 stanzas
2 - Flow my tears "Lacrimae pavane". Soprano, bass, viola da gamba and lute. in 4 stanzas
3 - Sorrow, sorrow stay. Tenor, bass, viola da gamba, tenor and lute. in 5 stanzas
Caroline Trevor, Jacob Heringman
[] The thirth Book of songs or ayres. 1603 2 - Time stands still. Soprano and lute
Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooley. Hyperion 66227
[] The fourth Book of songs or ayres "A Musical Banquet". 1610
collected by his son Robert
- In darkness let me dwell. Tenor and lute. 1606
Alfred Deller, Robert Spencer. Harmonia Mundi 790245
Dear if you change. Mezzosoprano, lute, viola da gamba
Jan de Gaetani, Paul O'Dette, Judith Davidoff. Bridge 9087

All ye whom love or fortune

Whoever thinks or hopes of love

Can she excuse my wrongs

A shepherd in a shade

Burst forth my teares
Le Poeme Harmonique / Vincent Dumestre

O sweet woods, the delight of solitariness. 4 Voices and lute
from the second Book of songs
Pantagruel. Anna Maria Wierod soprano, Dominik Schneider recorder/flute/cittern/voice, Mark Wheeler lute/cittern/pandora. Carpe Diem Records 16282

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