Draghi, Giovanni Battista (John Baptista) (Baptist) (Batis) c1640-13.may.1708 Italy, ?Rimini - England, London

Title Parts

The Italian ground. 3 Bass-viols and bc
pub in The delightful companion, London 1686
Parley of Instruments

[] This is the day the Lord hath made. Anthem. Alto, tenor, bass, choir and bc
ms ascription Mr. Baptist
ms University of California, Los Angeles USA

[] Sarabande
ms ascription Signor Batis
ms Christ Church Oxford England

[] Salve regina. 3 Sopranos, violin and organ
ms ascription Giovanni Baptista - ? Giovanni Battista Draghi
ms c1685 Evora Portugal
[rem: There were many composers in the second half of the 17th century named Giovanni Battista. And since Battista translates as Baptista in Portuguese, the composer could have been any of them. The only justification to list this Salve regina under Draghi is because he is the only composer who actually signed his compositions with Giovanni Baptista]

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